At KNOWN SOURCE, we practice and promote veganic gardening. Simply put, veganic gardening merges traditional organic principles (no synthetic pesticides or fertilizers) with the plant-based philosophy of veganism.

Why veganic gardening? Modern growing practices rely on man-made chemicals and animal by-products for food production. Veganic gardening practices respects the environment, animals and human well-being.

Many people are aware of the environmental concerns with synthetic agricultural products. These chemicals may have great short-term effects, but in the long term they have a huge impact on soil fertility, water pollution, pest resistance and human health.

Because of the environmental impact of man-made products and the desire to live healthier, the consumer demand for "natural" foods and agricultural products has steadily increased in the last 10 years. 

What is less realized by consumers is that many natural gardening products available rely heavily on animal by-products as soil nutrients. These  include blood meal, bone meal, feather meal, manures and fish emulsions—which are by-products of the troublesome industry of factory farming.

KNOWN SOURCE is committed to sustainable and ethical food production. This desire lead us to develop KNOWN SOURCE brand fertilizers. Our ingredients are 100% Texan, obtained humanely and ethically. 

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