Nurture the Soil, Nurture Your Plants

Just like humans, plants need nutrients. Healthy plants need healthy soil.
Enrich your soil with ethically sourced and humanely obtained KNOWN SOURCE FERTILIZERS.



KNOWN SOURCE FERTILIZERS are expertly blended with premium ingredients and are proven to improve plant growth, disease and drought tolerance. Our products are are crafted to feed plants directly, while also encouraging beneficial soil microbes. All our products can be used for row crops and raised beds, pre-mixed for container soils, used as root-drench/foliar feed and brewed in your compost tea.

Our ingredients are 100% Texas products from ethical sources and earth-friendly humane practices. To learn more about our KNOWN SOURCE business philosophy and veganic gardening practices, click here.



CORE PLUS premium blend 7-2-2 fertilizer is plant-based, but also includes cricket frass, worm castings and bat guano for optimal performance. This proprietary blend also includes: cottonseed, soybean and alfalfa meals, rock dusts, sea and trace minerals, and beneficial fungi.



Our CRICKET FRASS is humanely collected from one of the only Certified Organic Cricket farms in the world. Frass contains chitin, a compound that stimulates plants to defend agains plant pathogens and pests while providing essential 3-2-2 nutrients.



Our CORE fertilizer is 100% plant-based with a gentle nutrient profile of 4-1-2. This product contains cottonseed, soybean and alfalfa meals, basalt and granite rock dusts, sea and trace minerals, and beneficial fungi. 



Our WORM CASTINGS have an outstanding nutrient density and are diverse in beneficial microorganisms. Long recognized as one of the best plant fertilizers, worm castings improve water holding capacity and soil nutrition. Castings are pH neutral and great for all soils.

KNOWN SOURCE FERTILIZERS are available in store at our nursery in Taylor, Texas and online at our store.