Being avid gardeners ourselves, we understand the thought and hard work one can put into their plot. So it is only fair that we put nothing less than our blood, sweat and tears (well maybe no blood), into developing a nutrient line that shows results

Experience has taught us that with organic gardening, healthy plants start with healthy soil. With most companies out there trying to sell you on a new product for every single phase of a plants life, we decided to offer something different. Our Vegan Blends are a general fertilizer that offers benefits throughout the entire plants life, essentially providing a nutrient "buffet" that the plant can pick and choose from. For those who would like a bit more customization in their fertilizer program, we also offer single ingredient fertilizers.

After being confirmed by our many trials, Known Source offers the most dynamic, high quality vegan plant supplements available on the market. 

Why Known Source?


Blood + Bone meal, Fish Emulsion, and Animal Manure are bad news. Even most organic fertilizers are comprised of materials sourced from questionable origins. Not us-we source quality materials exclusively from Texas. Take a look at this article published by the New York Times, detailing the harsh reality behind these products. 

In search for an alternative, we stumbled upon the many benefits of plant based fertilizers. Being that it must be first be broken down biologically for the nutrients to become available to plants, it is much harder to "burn" plants. At the same time, our fertilizer will not run-off with excess rainfall.  This gives plants the chance to develop a strong root system, while gradually feeding all the way harvest time. There are even reports out there that vegan fertilizers actually make for a cleaner flavor in heavy feeding crops such as Tomatoes and Peppers. This was enough for us to explore the possiblities. Due to the lack of quality Vegan Fertilizer available on the market, we quickly started formulating mixes for our own uses.

Right away we began to see the negative impact involved in sourcing ingredients commonly used in organic gardening. The high carbon footprint, the anonymous suppliers, the high shipping cost... We knew there had to be another way. From that moment on, it was or goal to ensure that EVERY ingredient we use is sourced exclusively from TEXAS. Not only does this allow us to ensure our suppliers quality/practices, but also helps to keep our overall carbon footprint to a minimum. 

100% Texas Sourced Ingredients