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We specialize in growing Oyster Mushrooms, with many different varieties available seasonally. While Oysters will forever and always be our favorite, we offer custom grows of just about any cultivated mushroom. 

Why Known Source?


 Our growing practices are what sets us apart. It all begins with homegrown spawn on locally sourced organic grain. Then it is "planted" into our mix consisting of hardwood chips, sawdust, and organic supplements such as alfalfa or soybean meal. Be wary of mushrooms grown on unknown substrates. Big growers are typically using animal manure from conventional chicken or cattle lots for their growing medium. Mushrooms possess the amazing ability to accumulate nutrients from waste products, but they also are known for the uptake of heavy metals and other toxins. Even mushrooms grown on straw are suspect, being that straw in Texas is almost guaranteed to be sprayed with glyphosphate and harsh salt-based fertilizers.

Mushrooms are quite literal when it comes to the term "You are what you eat". That is why we feed them exactly what they would eat in nature!  There are absolutely no chemicals or pesticides used in our growing process     

   We welcome customers at the farm by appointment. Local delivery is also available with orders greater than 5 lbs. If you have any questions or are interested in placing a first time order, reach out through the link below.

100%  Texas  Sourced  Ingredients